Patty’s Vision

Crime and Public Safety

Jackson’s Police and Fire Departments must be equipped with modern technology and adequate resources in order to serve and protect the citizens of Jackson. It is equally important that our first responders safely return home to their families. Programs will be initiated to create a stable workforce and reduce crime. We can also get a stronger grip on crime when we remove guns from the hands of irresponsible citizens. In an effort to reduce crime, we must take a stronger approach in dealing with mental health in our communities. I will lead our city in joining forces with other law enforcement agencies because law enforcement visibility is key.


I will plan to repair our infrastructure and fix our streets with state-of-the-art and long-lasting solutions. This plan will also aid in correcting Jackson’s water supply and billing system in order to provide running, clean, and affordable water for every household.  I will work to establish regularly scheduled maintenance for our improved infrastructure and water supply systems. I will work to improve relationships and inter-local communication between city and county.


Our school district has suffered greatly as a result of the global pandemic and requires a plan for a stronger educational pathway. This plan must be supported and implemented by our community and government. Educators and scholars need and deserve proper resources and technology which will better equip them to excel academically. I will explore innovative ways to support families in their effort to help their children achieve greater academic goals.

Jobs/Economic Development

Covid-19 affected our city’s economic development and the sustainability of many businesses. The city of Jackson’s economic recovery relies heavily on our ability to support and grow existing small businesses. The Patterson administration will reach beyond our state walls to bring sustainable job opportunities in the industries of manufacturing, green initiatives, energy conservation, and technology. Lastly, we will focus on developing a stronger system that will promote and support entrepreneurship and workforce development.

Patty Patterson for Mayor of Jackson

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